Ushnic Mukherjee


I met Juan just two months ago but it feels like I have known him a lot longer. The way he communicates and teaches always keeps me interested in learning more about the Spanish language. He is an exceptional teacher, very easy to communicate and connect with. He is very generous with his time and doesn't count the minutes he is teaching me and always offers extra help without any charge. People wanting to learn Spanish would definitely benefit from Juan's experience and teaching skills.

Angela Caretta


I have been studying Spanish with Juan weekly for about six months and my Spanish has improved significantly along with my confidence. I am no longer paralyzed in front of Spanish speaking people.


Juan has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba and is certified by the Ontario Collage of Teachers. His classes are relaxed and fun. He is knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I look forward to my Spanish classes every week.

Gaetan Desrochers


Juan is a very nice gentleman with a long teaching experience. He has a lot of patience with his students. He sends homework for me to practice between classes. He is always available via e-mail or the telephone if there is anything that I don't understand. He answers quickly to guide me in the right direction with my homework. If I have a conflict of schedule with my class, he works with me to reschedule my class.


I took lessons in the past with other teachers and it wasn't the same. Juan makes me feel confident and I feel that I am learning at a good speed. I definitely recommend Juan's private language school to anybody. He is by far the best Spanish teacher that I have ever had. Gracias a Juan, puedo escribir estas palabras. Espero ver algunos de ustedes en su clase. Cuidense.

April Desrochers


Juan is by far the best and nicest teacher I've ever had and I love his teaching skills. I learned another language with other teachers, but Juan is the easiest person I've worked with. Juan is always making sure I understand, and if not, he is always ready to answer my questions and to learn more! 11/10 would recommend.

Guy McGuffin


Juan, quiero decir que eres un excelente maestro. Eres extremadamente servicial, conocedor, muy amable y divertido.

(translated by Google)


Juan, I would like to say that you are an excellent teacher. You are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, very friendly and fun.

Mark Matthew


Juan is an amazing Spanish language teacher. I studied Spanish in Central America and really struggled to learn. Coming back home to Kitchener, I found Juan's school. He is very professional and he actually has a teaching degree. He quickly assessed my level and made a plan for me to continue learning. I progressed much faster studying with Juan than I did abroad. Juan is very patient. He also offers a flexible schedule, which was very important to me. Not only is Juan a great teacher, but he is also a really interesting, cool fella who was great to connect with. I would HIGHLY recommend Juan to anyone looking to learn Spanish!

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