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La Playa y El Sol



During this course, you will

learn the ABC's of Spanish

pronunciation, the basic

Grammar of the language

and develop comprehension

and "survival" speaking skills

for traveling.


Oral proficiency and interaction in Spanish with your instructor will be stressed for your acquisition of practical vocabulary and for listening and answering questions. The course material consists of humorous stories, skits and dialogue exercises dealing with everyday situations.


At the end of this course, you will be able to express basic ideas in Spanish and be ready to take the Intermediate course where you will practice your conversational skills, learn more vocabulary and advanced Grammar.

Please, check our program for information on

ONE-ON-ONE instruction, group lessons and schedules.

la silla

la pelota de playa

la arena

la toalla

el refresco

el castillo

la estrella

la nube

el salvavidas

la ola

el colchón neumático

el velero


la crema solar

las chanclas

la tabla de surf

las cometas

el cubo

la pala

las gafas de sol

el traje de baño

el mar

el océano

los refrescos


Copa Cabana, Brazil. Source: Google images. As of 2010, Spanish became one of two mandatory options in all public and private Brazilian high schools. Spanish is mutually intelligible with Portuguese allowing Brazilians and Hispanics to understand, to a considerable extent, both languages without prior study.